Mother of Triplets makes $25,770.23 in April and $18,036.74 in May with Traffic Geyser Valerie VanBooven’s business made $25,770.23 in April and $18,036.74 in May with Traffic Geyser’s help.

“I leave in Saint Charles, Missouri which is a suburb of Saint Louis, Missouri. I’m 38-years-old.


I am a mother of 2-year-old triplets and they are all girls. I’m also a wife. I started a business in February 2008. It’s all about marketing, helping a few service providers and elder care providers market their businesses. 


In October 2008, I found Traffic Geyser and we added a new service which was video upload and some SEO and some social marketing stuff to our suite of robust services.


In March 2009 we did $15,000 on a product launch in one hour. Part of our secret sauce is the use of Traffic Geyser.


I wanted to tell you all of this because I work from home, I am a mom, a wife,  have employees, and everyone depends on riding this train. It’s a big thing to have a lot of people depending on you. With traffic Geyser added to our suite of services we have been able to afford a very comfortable lifestyle.


As of May 2009, we are generating over $18,000 in revenues per month.


I haven’t seen June revenues yet but we are expecting the same, if not more.


We were doing ok before we implemented Traffic Geyser but now we’re really doing an outstanding job.


As long as you’re around, we’re around.


Thanks Traffic Geyser! 

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