Harvey Mackay’s Job Interview Tips to Help You Get a Job

http://www.MackayBook.com Author Harvey Mackay shares his best job search tips and secrets. Find out about his job interview strategies to help you find employment.

This is an excerpt from an interview with Harvey Mackay about his new book, "Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You."

Question: What do you need to prepare for a job interview?

Let me speak to preparation first for just a moment. I’ve written five books, averaged 70,000 words a book, 350,000 words, five different titles, but the overlying of all five books, three words – prepare to win! And again, I love to repeat that. Prepare to win! All five books, "Swimming With The Sharks With Out Being Eaten Alive, "Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You a Shirt," how would you like the title "Prepare to Win?" Boring! No one’s going to buy your books.

But the facts are, you can’t be successful unless you prepare, so again, another theme of my life and people ask me why have you had a lot of luck, those three words – preparation – prepare to win! So then what is it? I’m going to see you again, you’re XYZ, you’re the one interviewing me, alright? I have to do something before I get there, well, number one, there’s many points of course about appearance. There’s many, many points about really the substance of things you have to do. I have to say yes, Google your company, I have to know about your firm and we’ll get into the invisible web later.

But I have to know what’s going on your company right now. How many employees you have, what kinds of acquisitions have you made recently because I’ve talked before about the MacKay 66, I want to know as much as I can about you. I want to be sure that I pronounce the names right. Sometimes, you have to have two, three, four different persons that are interviewing you. I want to know about the gatekeeper, hopefully they can come in, ask her by name.

I want to be prepared. So that when I come out of the interview, I know exactly what I’m going to do when I debrief myself, very important. I want to have two, three, four key points that I want to get across in the interview, very, very important.

So, yes, you’re going to ask me questions but I want to get around to what I’ve done in my career and some salient points. So all these things, those are just a few of the 44. I don’t want to name too many of them. I used to sell ties and underwear and stockings and belts and here’s what I learned. Don’t ever put more than three ties in the counter. Don’t confuse the costumer, so 44 points, we mentioned maybe six or eight of them.

Again, second interview is critical. You have to go review your notes. You have to remember that all of the questions that you asked during the interview, okay, but you took copious notes, again, constant immediate unfiltered feedback from the interviewer and if you have a coach or you have a recruiter that’s helping you, you come out of the interview, you share that information with them right away, but in reviewing your notes, what questions was I asked that I got embarrassed about? What questions was I asked that I didn’t know that answers to? What are some additional questions in the second interview that I would like to ask?


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