Harvey Mackay’s Best Job Interview Tips When Job Searching

http://www.MackayBook.com Author Harvey Mackay shares his job search tips and secrets. Discover some of his best job interview strategies to help you find employment and a career.

This is an excerpt from an interview with Harvey Mackay about his new book, "Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You."

Question: What are the right concepts to practice when looking for a job?

There’s an old saying, practice makes perfect, not true! One word  -  perfect practice makes perfect. Practice something time and time again and let’s just say golf and you don’t know what you’re doing, what are you really doing? You’re perfecting an error.

you’ve put a ceiling on how good you can become. For those of you that are golfers out there, you can play eight days a week. You can practice eight days a week and if you’ve got a loop in your swing, what are you doing? You’re practicing an error, you’re perfecting an error. you’ve put a ceiling on how good you can become.

So very recently, I made a list on how many coaches I have and I’ve had about 23 or 24 different coaches over a lifetime. I still have 15 of those today. I have a speech coach, I have an idea coach, I have a humor coach if you can believe it. I have a marathon coach, but I’m lucky enough to have run ten marathons with him. I have a skiing coach, we both like to ski. I have a tennis coach. I have a golf coach, dancing lessons that’s my wife. She makes me take dancing lessons, but I could go on and on and on.

Now, why do I have these coaches and I can just hear someone saying right now, sure, he can afford to have those coaches. No, no! Wrong! You’re not spending a single penny. You’re making an investment in yourself to perform at a higher level and that money comes back ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred fold. You’re not spending one single penny. So what does this mean?

Well, would I want to be a good speaker? Would I want to be a good marketer? Would I want to make the computer home? The iPhone home? Because I’m seeing all of these different coaches I have, what does it mean? All it means is one final thought, whatever my God – given talent is, whatever my God – given potential is, once I focus, once I concentrate, once I zero in on what I want to accomplish, I can’t get any better. In other words, you can’t do it all alone! You need that what I referred to earlier videos, a kitchen cabinet of a lot of people and then you zero in with a personal coach and just imagine what I’m saying here now is, want to get a job? Go hire a career coach. Go get a recruiter! Have them help you. Have them teach you and your probability again for success goes dramatically up and believe me, on the back of the book here, guaranteeing the money back, if they don’t get a job, I won’t be giving any money back to anyone who goes and gets a coach.

Three things to remember about a coach, number one  -  it works! Number two  -  it works! And number three  -  it works!

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