Harvey Mackay Tips on How to Stay Motivated When Job Searching

http://www.MackayBook.com Harvey Mackay shares his best tips on how to get a job while searching for employment in the career field. Find out how to stay motivated when on the job search.

This is an excerpt from an interview with Harvey Mackay about his new book, "Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You."

Question: How do you get motivated and stay motivated to find a job?

I start from the standpoint of, I’m a very lucky guy. My best friend, closest friend, we call each other ‘brother’, we’re joined at the hip is Lou Holtz, and most people are familiar with him, Hall of Fame coach of course, eleven years with Notre Dame and luckily, he’s on the back of the book. I like what he said, I think he said, "I was born to write this book."

Well, I’ve been in the locker room maybe forty or fifty times at Notre Dame and Minnesota and South Carolina where he’s coached, so I’ve been able to pick up some of the motivational stories and Lou Holtz says this and I couldn’t agree more. He said, "Every single person will face some adversity in his or her life. Expect it. It’s going to happen and you can’t be successful without it."

So number one, how do you stay motivated? Know that you’re going to have a lot of rejection and number two, do not take rejection personally.  It happens. I mean, even the 32 teams I think that start out with the World Series, only one winner. Thirty one don’t get to the World Series, correct? The same thing happens in the NBA finals, all of the sports. Those are not losers, those are winners. Those are sometimes legends.  Abraham Lincoln – just failure after failure after failure, ran for Vice President, he lost, failed in his marriage, had some mental problems, mental breakdown – over and over and over, there are some things about Lincoln in there. Many stories on how these fabulous celebrities, politicians, athletes, journalists, how they just absolutely hit the pits, six feet under, but bounced back, found their way and made a comeback.

So I want to tell you, persistence, plenty of persistent stories there. I’ll give you my favorite. I’m again 21 years old, graduated college, they throw the telephone book at me, Yellow Pages, good luck, kid! Alright, I’m having all kinds of problems working for an envelope company, knocking on doors. My father tells me, he was my mentor. Every single company has an old grizzly. He said, check in with that old grizzly, see if you can get some help. Persistence – cannot beat it under any set of circumstances.

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