Great Job Interview Tips with Harvey Mackay When Job Searching Author Harvey Mackay shares his best job search tips and secrets when looking for employment. Find out about his job interview strategies to help you get a job and a career.

This is an excerpt from an interview with Harvey Mackay about his new book, "Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You."

Question: How do you get past the gatekeeper when interviewing for a job so that you get the job?

Well, first of all, the definition of a gatekeeper of course is most people will have assistance of their new marketplace, is their HR, human resource people, no matter who you’re meeting with, most of the time, they’ll have an assistant because they’re doing a lot of interviewing and they aren’t doing it by themselves, and you have to remember what we’re talking about now is for every job opening, there’s about anywhere from ten to eighteen different applicants, which is all by itself beyond comprehension.

But allow me to tell a little story first about the gatekeeper if I can, which will apply. And that is Bill Bradley. Bradley, he told this story himself in Philadelphia a few years back, walked in to a Philadelphia restaurant, ordered dinner, a bus boy came up and put a pad of butter down and a roll, Bradley says, I’d like another pad of butter. One pad a butter to a customer sir. Bradley said, don’t you know who I am? And the bus boy said, no, who? He said, my name is Bill Bradley. I graduated number one in my class. Princeton University, Associated Press, basketball All American, academic basketball, first string, All American, NBA first round draft choice, road scholar, elected US Senator. He said, impressive credentials, Mr. Bradley, but don’t you know who I am? No, who? I’m the man in charge of the butter.

Now, moral. There will always be someone in charge of the butter, the plates and the knives and the forks and we, everyone of us have to get along with everyone. And so the gatekeeper gets overlooked all of the time! And what are some silver bullets?

Number one, you better pronounce her name right. Number two, and this goes for anyone listening, anyone viewing in America, the world! The universe, whatever. Don’t ever make a phone call to somebody that’s important to you, let alone a social friend or anyone without using the following words, is this a good time to talk?

You won’t believe that maybe one out of four – 25% of the time, they’ll say no, can I call back? Can you call back? How would you like to be looking for a job and calling the gatekeeper, alright? And you get her at a bad time or him at a bad time, one of the assistants, so it’s very important.
Now, what also is important is you have to know the backup behind him or her because they might not be there and so therefore you want to find out about that person and then we go to the invisible web, we go to the 66, we go to the switchboard operator, we go to the guard at the gate if it’s a big huge Fortune 1000 company, we find out a little bit about the gatekeeper, so that we can just mention that I understand your son just graduated from Notre Dame or whatever, just little things that mean a lot that are not true, little things means everything! So we’re humanizing our selling strategy. We must get along with the gatekeeper – very, very important.

Now, here’s what I do. Works for me, it should work for anyone. Just two days ago in Phoenix, Arizona, I wanted a big favor from someone. I didn’t know him, he’s got a big title. I found out the name of course of the gatekeeper – I love it when they say, Mr. Jones’s office and then I’ll say, Betty or Arlene, I call them by name right away. Why do I do that? Sweetest sound in the English language is the sound of your own name on someone else’s lips. And then when you remember not only their name, but a little bit about them, now you meet the real test of salesmanship. You not only get the order, the job, you hit the reorder.

So I’ll call her by name and then here’s what I I’ll say, it doesn’t matter – here’s what I’ll say, 48 hours ago, I said, look, I would like to work with you. I know how Mr. X’s busy traveling all over the world, it’s very difficult to get into him, but I’d much prefer working with you and I’ll leave my number, hopefully we can get together, I’m available 24/7 eight days a week, I’ll be there. Let him know your passion that you want the appointment, you want the interview, whatever! That will get you the results.

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