Best Tips for Job Interviews with Harvey Mackay Author Harvey Mackay shares his job search tips. Find out his secret job interview strategies to help you find employment.

This is an excerpt from an interview with Harvey Mackay about his new book, "Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You."

Question: What is the idea of exposing yourself in your own home and how is it relevant to searching for a job?

There’s an old expression from many, many decades ago. You don’t open up on Broadway. We’re talking about Broadway shows. You open up in New Haven, which of course means you start with a much smaller town, you don’t start with the big show on Broadway. Well, who would want to go in for their first interview without a mock interview? So we use – what do we use? We use a video camera. That’s the secret.

If you don’t have one, you make the little tiny investment. Now, hopefully and we talked about this in the other videos, you have a kitchen cabinet where you have some personal friends. A kitchen cabinet is my kind of expression, too, I’ve used for years, you coral two or three or four friends who care about you personally and now, you can bounce off ideas with them when you’re rejected, when you’ve got some ideas, should I do this? How’s my strategy? How’s my tactics? And they’re all there because they care about you.

I’ve had a kitchen cabinet for 45 years, changes over a lifetime, but wow, isn’t it nice to bounce off ideas? So now, you’ve got your video camera, you supply them with all – let’s say you’re in my kitchen cabinet. You’re the cameraman, I give you 15 questions, ten questions about the industry. Now, I’m on film. Well, when I’ve gone through it for five, ten, 15 minutes, I may choke, I may be stage fright. There’s a whole chapter in there about being stage frightened and how to conquer it, which is very, very important.

Now, I know exactly how I look, the answers I’m giving. I gain confidence, I get feedback, I get constructive criticism, people that care about me, you just can’t beat that. I go to a first interview and I’ve blown some questions, I come back again and I get a video camera and my friends to take another look.

Let’s just talk about football for a minute. I’m from the Viking territory – Minnesota Vikings, we lost in New Orleans recently. It was a wonderful game. I’m there in the Roman coliseum. Seventy thousand screaming fans. You know what Bret Favre did, they played sound machines back in Minneapolis before they arrived, a way game at New Orleans in the pits in front of all those rabid fans. He played all of that noise so he was used to it.

So when he’s calling signals, all the players could hear. It’s a mock interview that we’re working on here. On the questions, better in it and then when you go in, boom! You’re not a rookie. You’ve got some confidence. You have some self-esteem. That’s exposing yourself in the privacy of your own living room. Prepare to win!

And let me add a little PS. Visualization. You see, once you’ve done this, now you can drive time when you’re driving on anything. You can start visualizing that mock interview and that’s what you’re going to be like in front of that person. I want to tell you, if you do that, for every ten people that are being interviewed, I’d say at the max, two or three people will think about that.

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