Best Job Interview Tips With Harvey Mackay Author Harvey Mackay shares his job search tips. Find out his job interview secrets that will help you find employment in a career that you enjoy.

This is an excerpt from an interview with Harvey Mackay about his new book, "Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You."

Question: What job interview questions should I be prepared to answer?

I’ll start just with a couple of questions. There’s about 25 or 30 of them in there, in fact they can hit my website,  We’ve got 16 – I call it the Sweet 16 beautiful questions to be prepared for, so we’ll give them a little add-on here that they can about the book which is many, many questions, but key questions of course are, what do you bring to the table? It’s in reverse of what I was saying, what can I do for you when I’m meeting you. When you go in there, you can’t be thinking of yourself? You can’t be thinking of what you’ve done in your career, but it’s what do I bring to the XYZ company.

Question number two, very important, give me some experiences of how you’ve brought some people along the way, we’re talking about key jobs here now, you have reporting people to you, have you brought them along?  What have you done? Two very key questions! Kurt Einstein, many people haven’t heard of him. I’m a member of the Young Presidents Organization. They kick you out when you’re 50 years of age.  They give you a rocking chair and then you join with what they call WPO – World’s Presidents Organization and also, I’m a member of another off shoot of YPO, CEO – Chief Executives Organization.

So they’re in 30, 40, 50 countries, YPO – eight to ten thousand members.  I get a chance to mix with a lot of different entrepreneurs and people that are running their own businesses. One of the best resources and I’ve been a resource now in the past 20 years to these organizations, one of the best resources, his name was Kurt Einstein and he came up with 20 killer questions. What to look for in an interview? How to prepare for the interview?

Like for example, how would you like to be sitting and I’m interviewing you and would you tell me, Mr. Mike, would you lie and if so under what circumstances? Now, I don’t want you to answer, but I mean, you have to be prepared for everything which means in a transition, two – I had a great experience in 2001, I was a Ms. America judge. Someone has to do it.

And this interview says you know and there’s all kinds – video shoots, they bring their videos with them, so I knew when I did my homework that during the five days of questioning, I don’t care what you throw at them. They have heard. They have been trained – some of them, this is not a negative, but some of those 50 women have been programmed and trained to answer every conceivable possible question before they arrive.  You can’t fool them. You can’t trick them right to my brain bank, I took out a week and started thinking what might stump all 50 contestants?  Here we go, are you ready? Question! You’re Ms. America, now you’re ready. You’re Ms. Alabama, you in her shoes, one on one, Harvey and Ms. Alabama. Tell me, if you were Hillary Clinton, would you have left your husband and why? They were not prepared for that question. All 50 women!

Now, one of them, I’ll give you the best answer. The best of them – and she called me by name which blew me out of the saddle, you want to know why? She memorized the judges pictures and then called me by name and I’ve never met her. She said, Mr. MacKay, here’s my answer.  I would not leave him and the reason why is, I have a power base, and I believe, okay in what I’m doing and what I’m teaching and the word that I can spread to millions of people around the world being married to the most powerful person in the world, so I would keep my power base and I would not divorce him and that’s the real truth.

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